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«On Current Moment» №8 (80), 2008 г.


This text is the resume written to be translated from Russian into other languages. The collective of authors strongly recommends those, who speak Russian, to read the full text of this article (32 pages), which can be freely downloaded from, and some other sites. These sites also contain other information on COB (COB — is Russian abbreviator for the Conception of Social Security).

  1. On Solzhenitsyn's death
  2. Georgia’s problems
    1. Georgian-Ossetian conflict
    2. Local scale of examination
    3. Global level of examination
    4. “Tough patriots”: in Russia and in USA
  3. Russia’s main problem
  4. Through watershed between epochs


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1. On Solzhenitsyn's death

Publishing of certain newspapers, magazines and even books

may bring some benefit. — Koz'ma Prutkov.

At night between August 3 and 4 Alexander Isayevitch Solzhenitsyn died. Official commentaries such as “the epoch has ended”, “the prophet has gone!” and so on were in style of “either good or nothing about deceased”. But if according to truth but not to lie? – Then conclusion is short: the idol of loyal unscrupulous idiots has gone.

Solzhenitsyn's “phenomenon” is that majority didn't wish to understand his role, which differs from cheap popular opinions – both “for him” and “against” as well.

Life shows that Solzhenitsyn voluntary became “a snitcher” by writing letters containing critics of Stalin, thus running away from the front (where anyone may be killed) to safer GULAG. After hysteria of denounceship and “supervigilance” (seized the USSR on 1930-s) and in conditions of military censorship any reproach of Stalin (i.e. supreme Commander-in-Chief) in letter from front could just lead to fetching up in GULAG with both sender and addressee. And Solzhenitsyn (if he wasn’t a hopeless idiot) couldn’t be ignorant of sequels of his correspondence. And not been a hopeless idiot, he could do that only being possessed (in a church understanding of this term).

Mediocre writer Solzhenitsyn was “promoted” against “the dictatorship of Political Bureau”:

  1. by clans of KGB: because “idiots” from Central Committee obstructed more competent swindlers from staff of internal KGB' mafias – initiated on making world politics – to satisfy their political-economical wants;
  2. by CIA – because the USSR prevented the USA to rob “the third world”.

Historical-sociological views, conveyed in Solzhenitsyn’s works, tell that he knew «which hands feed him» and didn’t bark to his masters. It’s necessary to explain the latter: there are topics that can’t be omitted, if one in detail and unprejudicedly (i.e. freely) studies history of his people in the history of humanity. In particular, if one in detail and unprejudicedly researches history of any state in the course of world history, then he inevitably concerns with problematic of role of freemasons and origin of the Bible and historically established pseudo religious cults based on it. Examples of such researches are works of A. Nechvolodov (author of «From ruins to sufficiency» (in Russian: «Ot razoreniya k dostatku», 1906), A. Selyaninov (author of “Secret power of freemasonry” (in Russian: “Tajnaya sila masonstva”) in the past. And in nowadays works of the IP USSR are also the result of such unprejudiced research and understanding of world history.

If a researcher doesn’t reach this problematic, then he is either superficial (not able “to see the wood behind trees”), or an engaged marionette manipulated by others, or both this cases at the same time: these appraisals have become true at least since the 2nd half of XX century — when the process of globalization became directly noticeable almost in any village of any god-forgotten place.

Solzhenitsyn conveyed his economic views in the article “Rebuilding Russia”. The article itself is the program of the USSR dismemberment by full compliance with directive NSC 20/1 (Aug 18, 1948) “U.S. objectives with respect to Russia”. The article was published in the USSR in 1990 by the most popular and circulated newspapers (“Komsomolskaya Pravda”, “Literaturnaya Gazeta”).



However there are too much “thoughtless people” in Russian government bodies. For instance, “Edinaya Rossiya” party leaders declared officially, that they “have been imbued” and have been prompted by Solzhenitsyn's ideas. Well, but if someone suddenly decides sincerely to “protect people” on the base of “Solzhenitsyn's ideas”, then people thus even can be obliterated. “Protecting people” on the base of “prophet Isayevitch” is not suitable for revival of Russia.

As to claims of Alexander Solzhenitsyn and his admirers on notorious “communism” and “communist” regime, then Vasily Klyuchevsky gave the answer to them with his aphorism long before “prophet Isayevitch” was born: “The society of righteous coexistence made of scoundrels”.

In other words, what is the problem: falsity of ideals? or ideals are true, but unrealizable in community of scoundrels?