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2.5. Prospective relationship between USA and Russia

Undoubtedly, policy of statehood in the USA and in Russia (both domestic and foreign) – are not two free flows. Both have mass-elitarism, in both it is modified based on the biblical project of Mafioso-corporate political activity of various ‘elite’ groups, whose ambitions in many cases concern global policy – the policy that encompasses goals of whole humanity. But at the same time, obviously there is some deception. Then, in his book, Obama often and ironically uses expression “ten points plan”. Also as you might know Medvedev’s “Address to the Federal Assembly of the RF” was made public on November 5 2008 – the day when the election results were finally announced and the world found out that Barack Obama would be the next president of the United States. Medvedev’s Address to the Federal Assembly has exactly ten points. Since “The Audacity of Hope” was published before Russian president’ address, his copywriters should have added or removed at least one point in order to avoid Obama’s irony. But since it was left as ten – then it is a hint to the political ‘elite’ of Russia: “those who started Obama projects do not take view them as serious opponents”.

Also mass media focused its attention on the fact that D.A. Medvedev’s congratulating speech to Obama was left unanswered, mentioning at the same time, that he thanked leaders of Australia, UK, Germany and other countries.

What does Barack Obama say about Russia in his book? – he mentions his visit in 2005. The aim of it was control over execution of the Nann-Lugar program for protection of nuclear arsenals in on post-soviet territory (financed from the U.S. funds).

“It was my first trip to Russia and Ukraine (…) we visited the nuclear facilities of Saratov, where Russian generals pointed with pride to the new fencing and security systems that had been recently completed; afterward, they served us a lunch of borscht, vodka, potato stew, and a deeply troubling fish Jell-O mold.” (p.312)

And further: “There were moments during our travels when we were reminded of the old Cold War days. At the airport in Perm, for example, a border officer in his early twenties detained us for three hours because we wouldn’t let him search our plane, leading our staffs to fire off telephone calls to the U.S. embassy and Russia’s foreign affairs ministry in Moscow. And yet most of what we heard and saw – the CK store and Maserati show-room in Red Square Mall, the motorcade of SUV’s that pulled up in from of a restaurant, driven by burly men with ill-fitting suits who once might have rushed to open the door for Kremlin officials but were now on the security detal of one of Russia’s billionaire oligarchs; the throngs of sullen teenagers in T-shirts and low-riding jeans, sharing cigarettes and the music on their iPods as they wandered Kiev’s graceful boulevards – underscored the seemingly irreversible prices of economic, if not political, integration between East and West.

While they were in Donetsk “ One of our team called me over and showed me a yellowing poster taped to the wall, It was a relic of the Afghan war, we re told: instructions on how to hide explosives in toys, to be left in villages and carried home by unsuspecting children.

A testament, I though to the madness of men.

A record of how empires destroy themselves” (p.314)

Ask international warriors that have been through Afghanistan: how would they comment on this passage

We can stay: This statement is a lie, aimed at common man in the USA and in other countries as well. Even such sort of operations by soviet military on Afghanistan territory could have taken place, then such poster could not have been printed (for obvious reasons of necessity to cover this fact from the eyes of public, including international community) or would have been classified as “top secret” and hidden in the archives now, and at a time it would have had to be checked in and out personally by those who had clearance to view it. Therefore it is not possible that a poster containing “top secret” information would be just hanging on the wall for public display, especially in USSR, because such event violates principle of personal responsibility for secret strategic information of the state.

If Obama really saw described poster in one of the facilities of independent Ukraine, then taken into account that it does not conform to USSR norms of handling secret information, all questions should be addressed to special services of post-soviet Ukraine.

Besides from above quotes it is clear Russia fascinates Obama with things that he considers serious issues in the life of the USA. Here is an obvious example of double standards of morality and ethics and imperial syndrome of the States, that allegedly have undisputable rights to teach other nations how to live, although themselves they cannot live realistically due to the conceptual powerlessness; and those alleged rights to “teach” other nations only mean intrusion into domestic business of other countries under various groundless reasons following the principal: “Our power will be a law of truth, because powerlessness turns out to be useless”.

Talking about politicians on the U.S., that supported Obama – amongst them are some well known in Russia – Madlen Albright, Clintons – all of whom in some way in the past expressed their intentions towards Russia as an object of potential colonization.

And some of the speeches of Obama’s supporters on the prospective of American policy leaked into mass media:

Back in 19 October 2008 Senator J. Biden, vice presidential candidate, impressed public with his sensational revelations. While speaking amongst small circle of fund raisers for presidential campaign he said that in the first six months of presidency Obama will face serious trials that can be compared to those of JFK in 1961-1962. It will be strongest international crisis when Obama will have to make tough and possibly unpopular decisions, both in domestic and foreign policies.

In very vague manner Biden said that for international crisis there are 4-5 scenarios, where cause of one of the crisis will be Middle East, Afghanistan, North Korea or Russia. He also mentioned Pakistan, bristling with nuclear weapons.

In Biden’s opinion Obama will have to clean up the mess in American economy, because current crisis is of a system nature, not only financial. Therefore Biden advised his audience to “gird their loins”.

When asked to comment on those speeches of Biden, Obama write it off on Senator’s rhetorical flourishes, saying not to take it too seriously. However there is something serious to think about. Even more so because Madlen Albright called Biden’s talks a “stating the fact”. This means that something might actually happen, although not necessarily by the will of the new president. Source:

In other words there already exists a political scenario for Obama – both on domestic and external policies.

All of these are signs that project of “orthodox renaissance” with monarchial prospective, which Russian ‘elite’ supports, or in the absence of better pretends to support, is not accepted by the rulers of the biblical project and they will be working on suppressing it, and alongside on suppressing Russia as it’s bearer.

Barack Obama is a manifestation of alternative global project of “capitalistic socialism with human face”, controlled on global scale by the world’s “backstage mafia” and not “Politburo of Central Committee of Russian Orthodox Church”.

Consequently adepts of ‘elite’-‘patriotic’ ‘orthodox renaissance” will face many problems in communication with B. Obama and his team members.

As for the Russian people – each project means trouble, as well as a conflict between them.

Internal Predictor of the USSR

17-27 November 2008