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One of the main cultural problem of the global scale for the Biblical project wheeler-dealers is the Koranic Islam

The very reason of this problem is explained by the fact that the global and political doctrine, the basis for the Western policy, is based on two statements:

In spite of the fact that these statements are not directly mentioned, they are being strictly implemented.

Koran denies the Judaism predominance doctrine over the rest people and the usury is under a strict ban and is characterized as a kind of Satanism. These statements are not practically used in the political life of Muslims, based on the alternative concept different to the Biblical slavery concept , the Western wheeler-dealers understand that Koran – is the potential threat to their global power regime imposition. This explains their desire to leave Koran in its historical legacy.

One of the ways to resolve “the problem of Islam” for the Western wheeler-dealers - is multiway policy:

  1. The creation of “Khalifat”, that should include almost all the nations that will perceive Islam in its historically set form as traditional religion.
  2. The beginning  by the “Khalifat” of the  world war in order to uproot the godless Western liberalism and “faithless creed”, the imposition of Islam as the global religion for the whole humankind.
  3. The next step will depend on the war outcome:

3.1 In case the “civilized” Western countries win, Koran will follow the fate of “Mein Kampf”  and the traditional Islamic countries will undergo the process of “de-islamization”, similar  as to the way both German states went through the process of “de-nazification” after the end of the Second World War in the 20th century.

3.2 In case “Khalifat” wins, the Islamic ritualism will become a standard for all the people of the appeared “global Khalifat”.  The crowd without Arabic knowledge  won`t be able to read Koran themselves  and will be controlled by mullahs. Apparently, now all of the Muslim countries hope that such way of government can be implemented. Even in the states where the majority of population is represented by native-speakers of Arabic, “Muslims” idolize their pray mat, not capable of correlating their lives with Koran, bringing their life style and ideals far from Koranic  testaments that exclude any tyranny of people over people.

Mullahs represent professional corporation of ideologists , that will interpret life with reference to the Koran, taking in consideration the interests of their backstage owners: the same way as done with Taliban in  Afghanistan and the Muslim Priesthood in all the countries.

As the next step when the power of Mullahs will become hated because of its excessive ritualism and inability to  detect  and resolve practical  problems of the society - we will face  global anti-Islamic rebellion, the end of Mullahs power and, following the point 3.1, - the society will undergo the process of “de-islamization”, the Koran will be taken away from the publicity and put to the libraries  to be cited by the authorized historians only. These historians will do their best to “prove” that the humankind was saved from such a great evil.

Western middlebrows don`t even understand that Koran and Islam have become the main objects of the purposeful calumny  and  discredit. Middlebrows are incredibly not in position to take Koran, read it as Message, addressed to them personally and to correlate Koran with real life, so that to notice all the calumny against Koran and the Muslims deviation from the true Koran message.


Nowadays first stage of this multi-optional policy is being deliberately implemented.

During the first stage:

To resolve this problem “global terrorism issue” was picked up under the signboard of Al Qaeda. The fight of the West against Al Qaeda is purposely done by such means that in the Islamic world perceive as Western aggression. This leads to the appearance of favorable crowd scene for the pseudo-Islamic fundamentalist radicals.

Almost all traditionally-Muslim states are involved in this scenario. Afghanistan is used as the platform for drugs flow - as one of the means to sow seeds of hatred towards outside the Muslim cultural area.  That`s why all indignation of Western and Russian mass media concerning the drugs flow from Afghanistan without support rendered to this state in order to change its export structure – is one of the means to cause anti-Islamic trends in the countries with increased drug abuse.

Pakistan is chosen to display instability of the government under Muslim traditionalism and to be further accused for nuclear technologies leak to other Muslim  countries and ”extrimists”.

Iran is accused of the last to possess nuclear weapons.

The goal of the Western policy  towards Pakistan and Iran is  to create “Khalifat” , since Muslim nuclear power would be perceived in the world as real and inescapable threat. The nuclear potentials of “Khalifat” are not planned to be developed to the level fatally dangerous for the West, but it will always be implied in propaganda in order to keep nuclear motive to trigger the coalition war of Western states against the “Khalifat”. For example  this could take place by a single nuclear attack on some countries, taking Israel for one. “Khalifat” should necessarily be the anti-Semite state so it could be rated as the follower of the Third Reich.

Saudi Arabia and the Persian Gulf states are expected to finance their “Muslim brothers” working for the “Khalifat”.

Iraq is planned to be the place for radicalization of hatred towards Western countries  to become the capital of “Khalifat” after NATO troops withdrawal and to be the field of last fight between the “good” (West) and the “evil” (The Islamic civilization).

Overlooking this scenario one can understand that  the Soviet Union positioned its troops  in Afghanistan as a first step in this scenario. Nowadays the policy of the post-Soviet Russia is conducted  within the frames of this scenario:  the Western-style coverage of Islam as “global  evil” is obvious in Russian mass media. The Muslim part of Russian population perceives these facts as the calumny that doesn`t lead to the Russian society unity especially in the situation of the world financial crisis, which broke out in 2008.

One of the options of the above mentioned multi-optional policy includes the possibility of breaking-up of Russia, adding Russian Muslim areas to “Khalifat”. In case this scenario fails, Russia is planned to become one of the first victims of the “Khalifat” aggression and the main field for the war between “civilized West” against the “Khalifat medieval barbarism”.

Traditional Islam Priesthood has fenced themselves with Koran and ritualism from God, from problems of people and society on the whole, with lives concentrated on the momentary self-interest  and therefore doesn`t analyze the global-scale events. As a result it doesn`t perceive this scenario as   practically set functional integrity; and in case someone notices this, the momentary self-interest  is more important for him than unselfish efforts  to prevent disasters, the potentials of which have been purposefully created by the others  for several decades. That’s why the traditional Islam is not able to work out more efficient scenario of the global policy that could become an alternative to the one mentioned above, not to be involved into the anti-Islamic variant.

The leaders of other confessions represent the same ritualism addicts as the leadership of Muslims and that`s why everything said about the inability of the Muslim-traditionalist Priesthood to elaborate and implement the alternative to the existing scenario has reference to them as well. Moreover, being sure that they are “true” Christians, they work for the Biblical doctrine of the world buying-up on the basis of  Jewish monopoly on usury, as long as they haven`t worked out  their global political doctrine for 1600 years of Christianity existence after the Nikean  Gathering, because of the fact that they can`t call racial and usurious laws of the Old Testament obvious Satanism.

The incapability of the states (both Muslim and Western), involved in this scenario implementation, leads to the fact, that it could be broken only through the initiative of people – individuals and public organizations.

The multi-optional policy aimed at breeding civilizations conflict doesn`t have the right party.

It is impossible to avoid the conflict thinking that “we can all live in peace, based on our traditional beliefs, not interfering into the cultures of each other” for two reasons:

The committed basis to prevent the above mentioned multi-optional policy  could be the acceptance, that the sociological core of all Revelations, that were the source for all so-called  “Abrahamian” religions, is the Idea that people themselves should create and live in prosperity on the Earth of God  under God’s guidance. In this world no one will be slave to another and all the people will live in freedom, developing their individual potentials on the basis of dialogue with God while living.

So far this idea:

Nevertheless the Idea of creation on Earth of Kingdom Of God  through the efforts of people themselves under the God guidance – is the single Idea, the distribution of which in different cultural societies can  ruin the potential of  described above  scenario of multi-optional policy, that leads to the conflict aimed at leaving Koran in the historical legacy of the Humankind.

The problems of Iran, Afghanistan, Iraq and other countries and diasporas, the followers of the historically set Islam, can be creatively resolved only on the basis of initiatives of the people, directed at  creating Kingdom of God on Earth. Beyond this global and political context  these problems  are unsolvable and all of these countries  are fated to be “fuel” in the described above  scenario.

February 12, 2010
Internal Predictor USSR