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“About the current moment” №2(109), March 2013

This note complements contents of the work of IP USSR (Internal Predictor of USSR) 1998-1999 «Sad heritage of Atlantis. Trotskyism is “yesterday”, but in no way - “tomorrow”», which is suggested for reading before the current note.

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The essence briefly


The globalization is an objective process, because of biological unity of humanity, settled in most places on Earth. Its essence is construction of a certain culture, in which in the future the whole of mankind will unite. Currently the globalization has stepped into a new stage. This stage differs from the previous one.


The previous stage of globalization had the following features:

The new stage of globalization is characterized by the following features, distinguishing it from the preceding period:

This version could only be potentially implemented within Hierarchically Highest Control’s degree of allowance, with a condition of nonresistance of people. But it cannot not be implemented while the genetic core of at least one regional civilization is alive and working to complete the globalization in the mainstream of Providence, resulting in direct and indirect support for their activities by God.

Internal Predictor of USSR

15 of March - 01 of April 2013