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(Alternative principles of globalization)

This work concerns the outlook on economy and social life belonging to two men who are usually thought to be very different. The first one is Henry Ford I, founder and head of «Ford Motors Company», one of the world’s largest automotive corporations. The other one is Joseph Stalin — a […]

To Understanding of Macroeconomу of State and World

Both existing and possible economic theories may be ranged into one of the two following categories:

The first group of theories describes the economy of a society in a way, which implies the need to give the answer to the question how an entrepreneur can legally fill […]

The Matrix and “The Matrix” — two opposites

(On the recipe of obtaining “freedom” in the movie “The Matrix”)
  1. Just another movie?
  2. The hunt for man and questions of life and death
  3. Mathematics and God’s Providence
  4. Matrix control
  5. About matrices and egregores
  6. Freedom is in the Transformation of contents, and not in the change of appearances